Grab yourself a notepad and pen, a cup of your favourite tea and dive in. These 10 tips will help you fast track your business success, are pure gold and will save you months if not years of business heartache. BUT, a word of warning, it’s work, real work, becasue there is no such thing as a magic formula. If there was a magic formula it would be this:


It’s Time For A Reality Check

This blog post has been bubbling away in my mind for a while now. I dare say, I may upset a soul or two, but it has to be said. I don’t care how much manifesting, universe asking or angel channeling you do. Just like I don’t care how many abundance crystals you have on your desk. Running a successful business takes work.

Balance and ease doesn’t mean, ‘if you create it, they will buy it!’ Balance and ease means planning, not over extending yourself or your health, business boundaries and being yourself!




You Know This Already…(but in case you don’t)

Small business is not for the faint hearted. It’s tough! It’s frustrating! It will test your confidence. It will rattle you. It won’t be easy.

In the three years I have been running my business in the online space I have yet to see a TRUE overnight success who sailed effortlessly and easily into the millionaire’s club. I have seen more than a few fake ones.

I am not saying this to scare you off, or make you quit your dream, that would be an awful thing to happen. But, I’m over it!


It’s Got To Stop!

I’m tired of seeing talented women feel inadequate and not enough because their struggling to book clients, or fill their programs, or sell their gorgeous creations. I want you to know the reality of what it really takes to run a successful business.

You deserve the success, but you have to really really want it. I feel a responsibility to be honest about this small business caper, because quite frankly, there are not a lot of people out there doing that right now.

You and I have both read the blogs and downloaded the secrets to a mythical six figure launches, or location free businesses.




Busting the Myth

Small business is not Pinterest perfect. There are website dilemmas, techy troubles, social media mishaps, and problem clients. Cash flow conundrums, marketing mess ups mindset minefields. If you are a small business owner or entreoreneur, I know you know what I am talking about!

Then somewhere in the middle of all that are the magic days. Making money doing what you love. Having a sneaky afternoon off and not having to justify it to the boss. Having complete creative control. Going to work in your yoga pants, sans make-up. And then this…business blissness (yep! creating my own word now), the most rewarding thing ever is seeing your work make a difference.




Here are the 10 Tips To Business Success I Promised

If you want this business to work, and I mean REALLY want it there are a few things you absolutely need to do.

  • Get busy being productive. Being busy does not mean, spending all day on social media or reading and ‘researching’ blogs. It means doing ACTUAL revenue creating work.
  • Have a long term plan. E-courses, new offers, wiz bang coaching packages won’t be an overnight success. Plan on running a few intakes to gain momentum.
  • 80% of your role can and should be marketing. Planned and strategic marketing. If it isn’t, STOP what you are doing and plan a marketing strategy that speaks to your ideal client.
  • Get comfortable selling. There is no way around this. If promoting what you do and asking for a sale makes you feel sick, you need to get that sorted and fast. It’s part of the job and is easier than you think.
  • Be consistent. It is completely normal and OK to get busy with client work and drop the visibility ball. (I know, because I have done it too). Turn up each and every day. Blog regularly, be active and strategic on social media, send regular newsletters.
  • Get your pricing right. What to charge is a white hot question in small business. Get it wrong and you have no clients, or too many clients. It’s a balancing act and the answer isn’t in pricing it like your colleagues.
  • Don’t work for free. (A lesson I learned the hard way) Value what you do. I mean it!
  • Know your numbers. Google analytics, conversion rates, revenue versus profit, social media stats and your mailing list growth. What you measure grows.
  • Set up your systems. You are running a business, it’s not a hobby, and that means you need to take what you are doing seriously enough to put in the time and effort to set yourself up professionally.
  • Give yourself down time. Self-care matters more than you think. This is a long play game and you will need to be at your best. Unplug from social media, sleep, spend time with your family.

A Bonus Tip or Two…because I got carried away

I know I said there were 10 tips, but you need to know this stuff too. So here are a few bonus tips.

  • Develop a comprehensive guide for your brand. Who you serve, what you do, what your guiding principles are. It will give you a filter for your ideas, products and marketing.
  • Have a plan for your week. For example: Monday is content day, Tuesday is client delivery and so on. Jumping all over the place is a recipe for busy not business. And you my sweet soul are running a business.
  • BE YOU. Please, please be yourself. If what you are doing in your business feels a little fake and forced to you, it looks that way from the outside believe me. This is my number one pet peeve…fake, forced, everything is perfect in my life and my business BS. It is not sustainable, it’s marketing spin at it’s worst, AND it is not honest! I for one think we are all grown up enough to know life in small business can be tough and isn’t always pretty.
    The truth is there isn’t one single successful woman in the on-line space that does not have a coach or a team of different coaches, to help them navigate their way to better results.
The Reality Is…

You can download all the free info in the world, join every online group and forum you see and read every small business blog published, and I guarantee you will end up more confused and overwhelmed than you need to be. If you are serious about your business, a coach will make all the difference.

There you have it, my advice to anyone running a small business and wondering why they aren’t quite cutting the mustard, like your uber successful girl crush entrepreneur, you know that gorgeous soul you follow and maybe stalk a little online. We all have them, mine is Lisa Messenger for Collective Hub.

Now, what are you going to do now that you have this golden business advice? You can click away…or, I suggest you bookmark this page, make some notes for what you plan to implement first and then wonder back to this page and take the next step. Great information is only useful if you use it!


Which one of these tips resonated with you? What one tip do you commit to introducing to your business this week? I’d love to hear from you.

If this advice has got you thinking you need some help implementing one or all of these tips into your business, I’d love to help. After all, coaching is what I do.

I have the tools, strategies and how to guides to make it all so much easier for you. It is more affordable than you think and will create results quicker than you imagined. Want to know more? Here is a little more info on how to work with me. OR Email me directly here.

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