A Yearly Planner for Female Entrepreneurs



Introducing the Stylish Sales Planner

Everything you need to bring your dreams to life in 2016…

All in one stylishly designed place.  It’s planning perfection.

Style is Timeless…Sadly, Our Days Aren’t!


    • A stylish + modern digital planner. Designed to work the way you do. Print it, or fill it in digitally, or both. (I love mine printed)
    • Dated yearly, monthly and daily pages for you map out your goals and projects. Meaning no more overwhelm..it’s small and consistent steps, effortlessly executed towards your goals.
    • A special section for daily YOU time. I’ve put you back on the list! (Well, someone had too.)
    • Track your sales, marketing and list growth.
    • Year at a glance…for content management, projects, promotions and more.
    • Plan and implement projects with the comprehensive and easy to use project planners.
    • Prioritise your tasks and activities to focus on what matters while you stay on track to achieving your 2016 goals.




    Does this sound familiar?


    Are you tired of the busyness of your business and overwhelmed by all that you need to get done in a day?

    Lifestyle business? What lifestyle? You’ve missed exercise, social events and sleep. You’ve worked into the wee hours in a caffeine fuelled haze of deadlines and overwhelm.

    You watch with envy as other entrepreneurs seem to effortlessly grow their business and achieve their goals.

    The last 12 months flew past in a blur and the goals you set last year got lost in a sea of ‘busy ness’ and more hustle than you bargained for.

    You have a pile of old planners, diaries and printouts filled with dreams and the best of intentions…it’s a diary + dream graveyard.


    Wouldn’t you rather this?


    Imagine a year fueled by clarity, ease and style all yours for the planning, the Stylish Sales Planning in 2016.

    The Stylish Sales Planner gives you the framework to create a clear plan with your goals mapped out and effortlessly woven into each area of your business.

    GOALS       SALES       MARKETING       PROJECTS       SELF CARE  

    Now that sounds an awful lot like balance and focus doesn’t it?





    The Solution to a Silent Shame

    I have an embarrassing confession. Last year I used 5, yes F.I.V.E different planning and scheduling ‘tools.’ I was desperate to get organised and feel a little more in control of my days, weeks and goals.

    The one thing those ‘tools‘ and fancy diaries have in common is…they were barely used beyond the contact details at the beginning. Slowly and sheepishly, they were shuffled off my desk and out of my handbag and are now shamefully tucked away on a shelf in my office. They are dust catchers instead of dream makers.

    Determined to step away from my planner polygamy, I went in search of perfect planner a partner for me in my business. Surely there was something, somewhere that was built with girls like us in mind. We are a growing tribe of busy business owners with a to-do list that would scare most people. We need a planner that will to keep it all straight!

    What I found were good planners…good, not great. I didn’t need another GOOD planner, I’ve had those and look where they ended up.

    But each planner I picked up or found online had something missing, something that wasn’t quite right. You know, like a handbag where the phone pocket is too small for your smartphone, or a make-up purse that is just that little bit too small for all your favorites.

    I knew, if I was frustrated by the planners that were available, so were you.  And…The Stylish Sales Planner was born…in my little beach shack in Far North Queensland, I sketched and tested, planned, and created.  The result is a planner that was created with you in mind, because I knew that if I was frustrated by what was available you were too.

    Stylish, smart and completely perfect.




     Imagine your perfect year…and having the tools to plan it, with style


    The Stylish Sales Planner is priced at $87, it can be used as a traditional diary AND a powerful business planning tool.

    Again, you get a fully digital traditional calendar and diary, to map out your days, manage your busy weeks, kick your monthly goals and OF COURSE hit your yearly targets. The result?

    The Stylish Sales Planner contains a swag of planning tools, templates, prompts and check boxes that could easily cost you $1000’s. 

    Make 2016  your year to shine!


    Here Area a Few Questions I Get Asked…answered for you


    How will I receive my Stylish Sales Planner?

    As soon as your payment is prossessed you will recieive a link to download The Stylish Sales Planner.  It will arrive in a zip file (there is some juicy goodness in this planner…it’s a big file), so unzip it, save it to your computer and you are good to get into planning your perfect 2016.

    I'm not great at planning, will The Stylish Sales Planner still work for me?

    Absolutely! I have given you some easy to follow prompts and explanations withing the planner to help you navigate your way to Stylishly kicking goals.

    That's a big promise for a small investment.

    You are right. I have paid a lot more than $87 for a diary, without all of the planners, tools and templates included in the Stylish Sales Planner. But here’s the thing, I created this because we need it and I want as many women as possible to have access to it.
    So yes…at $87 it is a bargain.

    Can I print and bind my planner?

    Absolutely! In fact that is what I have done with mine and I love it!
    Simply take your planner to a copy printer (eg.Officeworks) and they can print it and bind it for you.I like slightly heavier paper than the standard 80gsm copy paper…sobe sure to ask the question if you choose to print it anywhere other than your home office.

    I love The Stylish Sales Planner, will you do doing a printed version?

    ]Oh! Yes, yes yes! Plans are well underway to do a printed version, it will be stunning! I am more than a little excited about it. It won’t be until the late 2016…but will be well worth the wait.





    Meet Kylie


    Kylie Leaning Right

    Hi, In case we haven’t met (virtually of course) or perhaps you don’t know a great deal about me, I’m Kylie Gabutto (pronounced Garbooto) for more than 30 years’ I have worked in corporate sales and marketing and have been a professional trainer, coach, mentor and speaker for much of that time.

    From my very first, as an enterprising 12 year old, to senior roles in sales and marketing at the ‘top end of town,’ I have always believed anything is possible, I guess you could say I’m a glass half full kinda girl. I love to challenge the status quo, write my own rules and stretch into big goals.

    I call myself an accidental entrepreneur, being self employed wasn’t really on my radar. Until…in late 2013 my career and life changed forever (thank goodness!), that coveted corporate job became the casualty in a company restructure.  A pivot and a stumble or two later, Kylie Gabutto – Passion Profit Productivity was born.

    My business has evolved into a beautiful blend of my natural flair for sales and marketing, my absolute passion for supporting women in business and sweet, sweet tenacity.

    With a client base that grew quicker than I even thought possible, and was able to replace my ‘corporate salary,’ a milestone in any start-up business, within the first six weeks.

    I run my business from my little beach shack in Far North Queensland, Australia, I have built an international client base and my community is filled with business women creating and building their dream businesses with Style + Heart.


    Wow! You’ve made it to the bottom.

    So….Are you ready to make 2016 the best year yet?  Order your Stylish Sales Planner toay.