No-one Said Business Shouldn’t Be fun!

Here is what some of my clients have said about having me on their

‘WOW, a million thank you’s for today. You know out there there are business coaches and there are business coaches. Ask yourself how many are actually prepared to get down and dirty and see it from your side of the fence, instead of telling you what you should and shouldn’t do!

You know things happen in all our businesses that really push you to your limits and you do this big second guess of yourself! Kylie and I have been working together now since May last year and she’s seen the ups and downs, highs and lows. She’s actually prepared to put her money where her mouth is and literally help and lend a hand. Gave her a ‘real’ insight today of ‘my world’, staff and related issues! Came away with a great game plan…………….Bring it on ‘I’ve got this’!!

I can’t speak more highly of this woman, she’s prepared to do what it takes to help you be as successful as you need and want to be! Don’t get me wrong here, she’ll push you, demand countability from you, at the end of the day, isn’t that what we are actually paying for?’

Julie McLelland

‘Want to grow your business, change your world, and change your life?  Speak to Kylie Gabutto, better yet, work with her.  My journey has been incredible. Her program has been an AMAZING journey of discovery, from my hidden talents to what I can achieve if I believe!

Kylie is brilliant at what she does, she is a great communicator and mentor.  In the program she will help you fine tune and re-tune your ideas, your goals, your whole way of organising, creating, planning and doing.

Kylie is inspiring, motivating and provides real clarity as your business coach.  Kylie encourages you to reach for your dreams, to dream big, to create, and to do !!  Kylie is your biggest supporter.  If you do the work there is no way you can fail because Kylie is there to help you succeed!

Kylie is the most open hearted, encouraging, inspiring and motivational supportive coach. This shows through her work with you in one on one calls, and with the group coaching calls.   Kylie possesses a unique and individual style in her delivery of the program and during my journey with her she has worked with me to help me over the hump of mindset blocks, fear of failure, belief in myself, finding my hidden strengths and developing them to showcase my talents.

Kylie has changed my life by believing in me when I did not believe in myself and she has taken me out of my comfort zone and to my surprise I have grown both professionally and personally in the last few weeks beyond my wildest dreams.’ – Shelley Aitken  

Since working with Kylie and participating in The Business Bliss Academy, I’ve FINALLY managed to design and launch my first Online Course!

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and have been over thinking it, procrastinating and was unsure how to go about it. Kylie and the Business Bliss Academy gave me the tools and support to take my dream and turn it into a reality.

Working with Kylie my confidence has increased and I have a clearer vision of what I REALLY want to do and how I can turn that dream into a reality.

Kylie, has the ability to look at a problem and quickly come up with solutions and actionable steps to ensure you move forward.

If you’re  over thinking, procrastinating and not sure what to do next. I’d highly recommend contacting Kylie. She truly cares, knows her stuff and will take you from overwhelmed to excited! Thanks Kylie! – Hilde Brunnbauer

‘I recently started a new business venture, and I recognised that I had reached a stage where I knew what I needed to do and where I wanted to go – but there was so many Business Marketers out there, all promoting their services and programs, that I was getting confused and lost in all the hype and chaos.

I was not focusing on what was important to me and my business, and it was taking me around in circles, jumping from one “shiny object” to the next, looking for the “sure thing” to market my new business and get it out there in the world.

I recognised I would benefit from the services of a Business Mentor/Coach, but having been in business for many years myself and thinking I wouldn’t learn anything new, as I thought I had seen and read it all. I knew that I needed the perfect person, to get me on track, sort out my business profile, direction and marketing strategy and help me when I needed it during my journey.

I had known Kylie for a little while and felt that she would be able to mentor and coach me in a way that would relate to me. Her business style looked like it would be suited to my business growth and development needs, so I took the step and signed up to her “Business Bliss Academy Course”, and am thanking my lucky stars every day that I did!

Kylie totally satisfied my requirements, and within just two weeks or starting her 8 week course, I had gained much more clarity, and was able to prioritise and focus on the key issues to get my business growth on track. She showed me how to find my own unique business style which I now carry through to all of my design and marketing platforms for my new business, and as a result, I am getting fantastic compliments and feedback from others in my industry who have seen my work and love my business concept.

One major element of Kylie’s work with me was that she listened to what I needed, and provided a completely customised approach to my problems, rather than just feeding me generic theories! After every phone call I had with Kylie, my vision was clearer, my enthusiasm and passion for my business increased and I felt calm that I had a direction in where I needed to go and the knowledge on how to get there.

I would highly recommend Kylie as a mentor/coach to anyone seeking clarity and a way forward, to help prioritise and focus on what is important to them and their business, and I look forward to working with Kylie more in the future to make sure my business success continues and I stay focused and on track as my business grows in the future.

Thank you so much Kylie, you’re truly amazing… “LOVE YOUR WORK!” ‘

‘It is not only the way she works or the type of work that she does, it is how she makes people feel that sets Kylie apart from others.’ Jan Edwards

“Time and money spent in helping men to do more for themselves is far better than mere giving.” –  Henry Ford

“Kylie not only gives her time effort and her amazing spirit to the CBWC she is a shining example for other wo/men to follow in her footsteps. It takes courage, audacity and sheer inner fortitude to be the person standing at the top willing to lead, not only herself but others, to a way more resourceful place. I have found Kylie’s enthusiasm, genuine interest in the betterment of others and her ability to be innovative in a time when others are more likely to focus on what won’t work, Kylie steps up, and despite the odds,willingly provides the impetus to move others to personal and business betterment. I am fortunate to have her in my world.” Roz Bishop

“I recently had the pleasure of spending time with Kylie working on a concept… few people truly amaze me, however Kylie is one of these people. Her selflessness, commitment and passion to a cause is nothing short of inspiring.” Troy Haines

“Kylie is a highly motivated leader. Kylie has the ability to motivate those who work with her. If a task needed to be completed on time on budget, Kylie is just the leader you need for that task.
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Kylie on a number of major events and projects” Kerri Brown – owner allsigns print & design

“Kylie is a hard working and enthusiastic manager. She is able to tackle any task that is put forward to her. She is always a pleasure to work with and has a natural ability to connect well with her team on a personal level, as well as communicating goals and strategy.” Lauren Hull Vice President CBWC

“Kylie has been an inspiration not just to me but many women involved with the CBWC. She brings an exquisite attention to detail to every event and brings out the very best in all who work with her.” Jill Morris Simply Hampers

“WOW you are amazing ……   You grace us with incredible poise and presence to conduct another flawless event, there was a real positive energy in the room. Thanks again Kylie you are a true STAR.” Leisel Pisani