10 Tips to Fast Track Your Business Success


Grab a notepad and pen, bookmark this page, these 10 tips to fast track your business success are simple, they cost nothing and WILL make a difference. Read more…

Not Feeling Aligned in Business – Try this


ALIGNMENT UMMMM, NOT TODAY! BUT STYLE…ALWAYS STYLE (How to fake feeling aligned in your business) There is a whole lotta talk online at the moment about being in alignment. Creating a business that is aligned to who you are and what you want to create. A noble goal. A great goal. But what do you […] Read more…

Magical March


Want a peak inside my business plan? I pull back the curtain and share my exact plan with you to help you get more done and grow your business with style. Read more…

Selling with Style Sales Tip No.3


Easy Sales Are Possible Do you need to get sales in the door fast? We all do at one time or another. It can be overwhelming, scary and almost enough to send you right to the job search pages. What if I told you that easy sales are possible, it’s all about how you approach […] Read more…

Let’s Find Your Ideal Client


Are you resisting the niche? Here’s why that is a big problem.   THERE IS A TEMPTATION TO RESIST NARROWING YOUR OFFERS TO ONLY WORK WITH YOUR IDEAL CLIENT Defining who your ideal client is, can be TOUGH. Because it takes some digging and you aren’t sure whether you are on the right track or […] Read more…

Stylish Sales Tip No.2


Find your niche… find your voice Are you avoiding the niche, the narrowing down of client base and specialty? It’s OK, it is a completely natural tendancy to keep what you do and who your customer is as broad as possible, especially in the early days of your business.  After all, you don’t want to […] Read more…

Making February Matter


Success requires getting things done. Right? Wow…we are already into February. Can someone please tell me where January went? It seems like moments ago we were celebrating Christmas and enjoying a well-earned rest in our businesses. For many of you this is the month when things really start to kick up a gear. The kids […] Read more…

2015 A Year of Miss-Takes and Hard Learned Lessons


It’s pretty unusual for me to talk about negative things, after all I am a glass half full kinda girl. Last year will forever be known as my year of miss-takes and hard learned lessons. It was a year where I ‘enjoyed’ lots and lots of business and life lessons.   Why am I sharing […] Read more…

What Is Selling With Style?


I’ve been asked this question a few times recently… What is selling with style? A fair question…and one that I wanted to answer for you too. Here isa peak behind the curtain of Selling with Style. Firstly…this is what a business that uses Selling with Style looks like. Imagine a business that generates revenue and […] Read more…

Part Three: The Forgotten Piece of the Pricing Puzzle


Your Pricing and Your Goals An often forgotten piece of the pricing puzzle Welcome to the final part of my series on Pricing. In my last blog post Pricing Perfection I explained how you can find your pricing sweet spot. The first blog in this series was a straight forward how to price your products […] Read more…

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