(How to fake feeling aligned in your business)

There is a whole lotta talk online at the moment about being in alignment. Creating a business that is aligned to who you are and what you want to create.

A noble goal. A great goal. But what do you do when alignment is allusive and you are feeling all sorts of outta wack?

Just like alignment seems to be the word for the moment, a few years ago it was authenticity. Being real, being who you are.

Before that it was journey. Being able to enjoy each moment in the evolution of your business, and accepting the bumps in the road as part of the journey.

You aren’t crazy or strange for wanting all of those things in your business.

Being aligned, authentic and enjoying the journey is what we ALL want.

Even if you don’t actually use those words (I’m guessing they creep into your vocabulary when you are writing your content, because EVERYONE IS USING THEM) you want the essence of what they mean.

On my best day, alignment doesn’t always show up…and my business is a PERFECT reflection of what I want to do and how I want to work in the world.

I’m authentic and real and show you the good the bad the UGH! Of my world. But do I always feel authentic, aaaahhhhh! NO!

Sometimes I feel like a big fraudster. Who am I to share this message, why should people believe me? Go on, it’s OK to nod you head too, because I guarantee there is not a single business owner on the planet who doesn’t feel the same way at some time or other.

Am I enjoying the ‘journey?’ Uuuummmmm! No! Not every day. I can enjoy the bumps and hill crests, BUT it is not all day every day. Being in business tests us, teaches us and taunts us. Is that fun? Do we love it? Only of you enjoy torture.

I know that this is how we all feel about our business.

And it is those crappy days, the days when things don’t feel aligned that sitting down at your desk to create, share, and deliver your ‘awesome’ is TOUGH.

Enter procrastination.

Procrastination is our subconscious way of making us feel better. More aligned, more authentic and it makes the journey so much easier to bear. Doesn’t it?
I have a couple of classic procrastination techniques…social media (hello rabbit hole), planning, housework (you know you are procrastinating if doing laundry is your escape) and other peoples stuff (errands for my parents, my husband’s book work, a girlfriend needs a pep talk). And some days, I throw my hands up in the air and dive into a Netflix binge.

Procrastination can be a good thing. WEIRD BUT OH! SO TRUE! Danielle Laporte says in her book ‘Fire Starter Sessions’ says that procrastination can be instinct in disguise. Your gut telling you that what you are doing is not in alignment, it’s not right and it’s time you moved on. But that is a subject for a whole other blog post.

I want to help you find your MOJO and be productive even when you don’t feel aligned and in the flow of creativity and dream building.


Imagine if even when you are feeling flat and heading straight for one of your classic procrastination go to activities, you had a set of tools that you could use to refocus and get that to-do list sorted. Imagine if you knew exactly how to ride the wave of misalignment and everything you do was on brand and on message.
That’s what a business style file can do for you and your productivity. When you have a Business Style file means that alignment, flow and authenticity can leave your headspace and then and you are still creating and delivering GREAT WORK.


This takes a little time to put together and it’s best done when you are feel confident and clear about your business. Makes sense right??

Brain dump your style file…
What you want to be known for?
What is your super power?
How do you what your business to look and feel?
Who is your ideal client?
What problems do you solve?
What look do you want your business to have?
And so on…all of the things that make your business and what YOU offer unique. Dump it all down on paper.
You have your style file, in rough draft form.
Tweak it….play with it, add a visual or two, some key phrases and perhaps a tag line or a mission statement that tells your business story in your style.

Once I created my business style file, I was able to generate content, create programs, write sales pages and more, so much quicker and regardless of how I was FEELING in the moment and on that day.

A great place to start with your style file is with “Style the Perfect Opt-In’ because there are some really great exercises that will help you to unwrap your style and create your very own style file.

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