Success requires getting things done. Right?

Wow…we are already into February. Can someone please tell me where January went? It seems like moments ago we were celebrating Christmas and enjoying a well-earned rest in our businesses.

For many of you this is the month when things really start to kick up a gear. The kids have finally gone back to school and you survived…congratulations!

Isn’t it true that there are moments you wish you could start the year again? January was practice, and now it’s time to get serious.

That means there are no excuses now to not start hitting those business goals out of the park.

There is nothing more exciting than the start of a new month, and this one began on a Monday! I think that this is a sign that February will be awesome. Don’t you?

A few years ago I would do a regular monthly catch-up. Sharing the wins and losses from the previous month and also what I have planned to make happen in the next few weeks. It’s time to bring back that accountability for me and shine a light on what really happens behind the scenes in my little beach shack.

You are smart, you know what you have to do and breaking it down into small bite sized chunks makes it easier to digest. The only way to eat an elephant is one bite a time.


I pared back my goals this year. No loooong list of wishes and maybes and would be nice to haves. (not like last year at all!) 2015’s list was an epic list.

When you write a long list of out of this world goals it is easy to justify why you didn’t hit them.

“Who am I kidding.”

“What was I thinking.”

“Seriously…that was too much to do inside a year.”

We all do it. We all cloud our focus with goal clutter. Keeping the goals clear, simple and just a tiny bit scary is the way to go in 2016.

That being said, I have three goals for my business this year. They are big, they will be a stretch but most importantly, they are achievable.

I can’t tell you how delicious that feels. It feels manageable. It feels spacious, it feels RIGHT!

With the help of my Stylish Sales Planner, I have mapped out my milestones, what I need to learn, what the gaps are in my business at the moment and all that I need to do. Down to the tiny steps.

All mapped out to weekly and sometimes daily to-do’s.

If you haven’t refined your goals for the year, or your list is so long you can’t actually remember everything on it. Can I suggest a little goal pruning?

And the Stylish sales planner is a great place to start. You can download your copy here.


Business goals are one thing, but balance is the key to long term growth in business. To even things out I also have three personal goals this year. One of those is my health.

I joined a gym and have altered my weekly schedule to make time and room for taking care of me. I am loving it.


Keeping it clear and focused is my number one priority. If an activity doesn’t meet my clear and focused is a great way to make sure I actually hit my goals. I don’t write wish lists, I write

  1. Review the launch of The Stylish Sales Planner and tweak it to perfect it. (No, perfect doesn’t exist, but I can dream, right?)
  2. Focus on the 3 key areas of my business for real growth:
    1. My list (yep I have a number to hit this month).
    2. My revenue (it doesn’t count without a number next to it).
    3. Take supreme care of my VIP clients and help them reach their goals this month.

My signature program Style + Heart VIP Coaching has three vacancies for a February start. I would love to help you reach your revenue goals in 2016. You can learn more here.

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