Easy Sales Are Possible

Do you need to get sales in the door fast? We all do at one time or another.

It can be overwhelming, scary and almost enough to send you right to the job search pages.

What if I told you that easy sales are possible, it’s all about how you approach the problem.

Create a list of clients that you loved working with, clients you would love to work with and people who you have quoted, or spoken to about what you do.  Contact them!

These sort of easy sales are often referred to as low hanging fruit. Not the most stylish of terms I admit, but you get the idea.

Craft a gorgeous email, explaining that you have some room in your calenedar and would love to work with them.  If you are more comfortable with a phone call, do that.

So…before you drop your head into your hands and think that all is lost with your sales targets this month, try this ‘easy sales’ exercise.
Then pat yourself on the back, because you tried something new and that makes your business muscles a little stronger.

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