MAgical March Business Plan


My business plan for a magical month

Last month I shared with you my goals and my focus for February…which all flew straight out the window when my gorgeous and heavily pregnant daughter decided to have her baby a little early. About 5 weeks early!

It went a little like this. My daughter was admitted to hospital in an emergency situation and was watched and monitored. Which was fine, I could watch and monitor her from my little beach shack over 3000 km’s away. All was travelling wMy first cuddle with Wiliamell and then…..her waters broke, at about 2pm on Thursday 1tth February.

I have never moved so fast in my life. Within an hour, I had packed, (It felt like everything I wanted to pack was on the clothesline and still slightly damp.) booked a one-way ticket on the next flight out of Cairns, organised a pick-up from the airport in Sydney and actually got to Cairns airport and checked-in with just enough time for a coffee and a moment to collect my thoughts. I might add that I live about 20 minutes out of town. I was like a mumma bear possessed.

By 11pm that night, I was hugging my gorgeous daughter and her partner mere moments right before she was wheeled off to surgery for an emergency ceaser.

William (my newest boy crush!!) was born at 11.59pm that night. I had a front row seat (well, almost). I am forever thankful that I run a business with enough flexibility so that I could be there for this major event in our family, and be there for as long as I felt was needed.

Needless to say, William has my heart! This was our very first cuddle, the first of many, many more.



As you can understand with a delightful diversion like William’s arrival onto the planet, my biz projects are a little off track at the moment, I have some catching up to do. But here is what I did manage in the month of February.

  • The Stylish Sales Planner Launch review….it happened and I have scheduled the activities I need to improve that launch for later in 2016.
  • I had a great month sales wise, and my busiest month for conversations in a while.
  • I did some fun and really interesting bespoke work for a Corporate client and a soulful solopreneur. This was so cool and I absolutely loved every moment of it!!!
  • I flexed my networking muscles for the first time in a while, when I went and saw Andrew Griffiths  speak. I even managed a couple a new contacts and new sales leads.
  • My blog posts were all done for the month (ahead of schedule, cue the happy dance) and although my social media was not as consistent as I would normally like, but engagement has been good.

What I learned in February

My big big love!

My family miss me and I miss them. I want carve out more time to spend with them this year and beyond. William is my third grandbaby and I miss so much because of where we all live. I have decided that this has to change, so more plane trips south for special hugs and Kykie spoiling. I couldn’t leave my beloved beach shack and move closer, though I must say the thought did cross my mind.

Location independence and a laptop lifestyle has never been a dream of mine. I really don’t want to be sitting on the beach with my laptop sipping a smoothie (sand can’t be good for a keyboard) BUT, being able to work from anywhere AND visiting my beautiful daughters and my bubbly grandchildren is now a MUST.

A Lesson in Marketing

My word for the month and a super huge AHAH! Was “inconsistency.” I realise that doing the unexpected will now become a key part of my success formula. I will share more of this in a future blog post. Trust me, you are going to want to read this, because I think it is the thing that so many businesses are getting wrong.



Action and activity is my plan for March.

I have a little catching up to do on projects and other goals and non-negotiable for me and my business. Based on past performance, I know that this won’t happen if I am not 100% laser focused and clear about the actions I need to take. That is where my Stylish Sales Planner  has been a complete godsend.

Here’s my list of must do’s for March:

  • Plan my book launch (I know! I’m finally finishing this little gem!)
  • Get my book to the editor.
  • Refine Stylish Sales School (if you haven’t joined Stylish Sales School can I suggest you do…today! I will be taking a whole heap of content out, to simplify it’s message and action steps, but if you want to whole shebang you will need to be quick.)
  • Finalise a new stylish opt-in offer for my gorgeous community.
  • Welcome new VIP clients. I have made space in my diary for 3 new VIP clients. I would love for you to be one of them. Your marketing stories, your sales technique and your daily routine all play a part in making biz dreams a reality.
    Dreamy businesses don’t happen by accident, they happen by being different, being unique and crafting an offer that is so compelling that clients are beating a path to your door. Not sure where to start? That is OK, because I do. Learn more here.
  • Finally, I’m planning to do a little re-branding and updating of my website. A big big project, but it all starts with the planning. I love a pretty font and an inspiring image and if you are reading my blog, I am guessing you do too. So let the fun begin!

OK…now it’s your turn. What are your goals and what is your plan to achieve them this month. I’d love to hear from you.

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