Your Pricing and Your Goals

An often forgotten piece of the pricing puzzle

Welcome to the final part of my series on Pricing.

In my last blog post Pricing Perfection I explained how you can find your pricing sweet spot. The first blog in this series was a straight forward how to price your products guide.

Let’s dive into the final piece of the pricing puzzle, this is where your goals meet your dreams head on.

Remember when you first started your business, you had a picture in your mind of how your life would be. You probably created a dream board, with all the things that you wanted to make happen. Whether it was holidays, Wednesday morning yoga class or living mortgage free, you were excited by the possibily0….. and ready to make it happen.

So, you sat down, pen in hand and played with numbers.

If (insert number) of clients, paid $(insert dream price) I would generate $DREAMY DOLLAR AMOUNT

But what if….. (insert number) of clients, paid $(insert a bigger dream price) I would generate $A BIGGER DREAMY DOLLAR AMOUNT

And then, just for fun (well not really, it’s called manifesting, right?)…. (insert number) of clients, paid $(insert an awesome dream price) I would generate $ENOUGH CASH TO RIVAL RICHARD BRANSON

Aaaaand then…..reality hit.

Client intake, time, expenses, marketing success and failure, it’s not long before you realise that the dream doesn’t look anything like reality and you are on the fast track to major burnout.

How do you get back on track to realising your dream, your whole dream?


A little reverse engineering is in order.

That means start with where you are going and work backwards. I learnt this a lifetime ago as a Project Manager. Start at the finish line. I have worked like that ever since.

Note: Don’t forget to build in safeguards. Extra time, additional contingency funds etc.

Your Project is right there on your dream board.

I use the example of your wedding day and honeymoon with my VIP clients. I would say that there are as many moving parts in that major life event as there are in your business.

The wedding date is your deadline and you work backwards from there.

Decide what needs to happen on the day. Deliveries, appointments, payments,

Then, a week before the wedding, what needs to be completed?

A month before the wedding, what needs to happen and so on.


Now it’s your turn.

Grab a notepad and a pen and let’s get planning.

As we are looking at pricing your products let’s look at your money goal first.

What revenue do you need/want to generate this year, quarter or month? Go on…write it down.

How many hours can you, or do you want to work a week? Be bod and be brave here, answer from your heart.

How many clients are you able to look after well? Was that a reality check?

Turning Revenue Goals Into Reality

Knowing where you are heading is half the battle, mapping it out and executing it all with style is the MAJOR challenge and that is what I can help you do.

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