Find your niche… find your voice

Are you avoiding the niche, the narrowing down of client base and specialty?

It’s OK, it is a completely natural tendancy to keep what you do and who your customer is as broad as possible, especially in the early days of your business.  After all, you don’t want to lose a sale, do you?

What if I told you, when you find your niche, you will sell more?

You’ve heard the term, Jack of all trades, master of none. That is what serving a broad range of clients with a large range of offerings looks like.  But, when you narrow your focus you can spend time looking afer one awesome group of clients that are PERFECT for you.

I have a client, who runs a very successful domestic cleaning business. Her perfect client is the luxury end of the market.

Now, I bet you are thinking, that narrows her pool of potential clients. You’re right, it does, but, that is exactly what we want. A pool of stable and discerning clients for whom cleaning is a lifestyle choice, a necessity, not a luxury.

Find your niche and you become the expert

I started my business as a Sales and Marketing Coach…they are a dime a dozen and to be frank, both marketing and sales should sit together at the head of the table.  However, I realised that my expertise was better used helping women to SELL their products, actually get clients in the door, rather than, creating gorgeous marketing stories.

I should clarify, there is a marketing element to EVERYTHING I do with my clients in my Style + Heart Coaching Program because crafting a great marketing message is important. However, the biggest and best marketing budget in the world doesn’t matter AT ALL, if you aren’t able to sell the products you are marketing.

I am an expert when it comes to sales and selling, my entire business life has been spent selling stuff. So….I found my niche, I am the best there is when it comes to sales coaching and  I’m 100% unique.

Are you offering too much, selling to too many….do you need a little help to find your niche?

Take some time to look at my Style + Heart Coaching, because, there is one thing I know for sure, no one, and I mean no one makes it in the online world alone, you need a success team and I would love to be part of yours.


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