Selling-with-Style-Tip-1---What-is-Selling-with-StyleI’ve been asked this question a few times recently…

What is selling with style?

A fair question…and one that I wanted to answer for you too. Here isa peak behind the curtain of Selling with Style.

Firstly…this is what a business that uses Selling with Style looks like.

Imagine a business that generates revenue and has a stream of NEW and ideal clients walking in the ‘virtual’ door. All of this happens in a well managed, systematic and seamless way. Most importantly,


There are no complicated sales scripts, no unnatural phrases to be delivered at a specific time, and forget that whole ‘always be closing’ caper. That is just a hard, pushy and plain awful way to try and sell. I have tried that sort of sales and quite frankly, I was lousy at it. BUT I am good at sales, stylish sales.

In short, if selling feels, forced, sleazy, ick or unnatural you aren’t selling with style.

Let’s face it…sales are a necessary thing in business.

Sales and selling is your job, and a really big part of what you do an an entrepreneur. It’s what you need to do to keep your business afloat.  If your not selling or making money in your business you don’t have a business have an expensive hobby.

What is Selling with Style?

Selling with Style is a sales system I created. I realised that the way I sold was so very different from what the sales ‘GURU’s’ taught.  After more than 30 years as a successful sales professional, I put pen to paper and mapped out a way that ANYONE could use to sell more and remain 100% authentic, and of course, always classy.


Are you struggling a little more than you want to with sales? Are you finding it harder than you thought it would be to sell? Or, are you a procrastination princess when it comes to sales and selling.

If you would like to know more or how you can Sell with Style, I am taking applications NOW for my Style + Heart Coaching Program   This is the only way you can work with me in 2016. I will share my Selling with Style strategies and systems and much more.

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